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Uplifting Gifts for Friends

Posted by Jennifer Sacco on



morally or spiritually elevating; inspiring happiness or hope

We’ve all had times where we need a little pick-me- up. Sometimes we feel overwhelmed by everyday obligations or competing responsibilities. Other times we may feel anxious or burdened by difficult circumstances. These are the times when we need our friends the most.

Has a friend ever reached out to you during a particularly hard time? I hope so! 

I know I’ve been fortunate enough to have friends like this – people who notice when I’m down and make an effort to lift me up. Even the smallest acts of kindness can make a positive difference in someone’s life.

One of my favorite uplifting gifts for friends is our Remarkable Women Wall Hanging Collection. In gold lettering, these beautiful wood signs spell out inspirational sayings like “Be Grateful,” “Be Remarkable,” and “Be a Dreamer.” Custom-designed wall art is an especially unique and appreciated gift.

In the same vein, anything that reminds your friend how special she is will do the trick. There are so many ways you can tailor a gift just for her. For instance, give her a beautiful journal and write something funny or inspirational on the cover. You could even leave her little notes on some of the pages. You can customize practically anything – a coffee mug, notepad, mouse pad, refrigerator magnet – just as long as it’s something she sees on a daily basis. 

Every time she looks at your gift, she’ll remember the special thought you put into it.

Don’t feel like you have to spend more to make your gift special. The most uplifting gifts are often the ones we make ourselves.

When I was going through a difficult time, a few of my friends put together a particularly uplifting gift for me by cutting out their favorite inspirational sayings from magazines and cards and making a small collage. They included a personal note in the middle.

I was blown away by this act of kindness and thoughtfulness, and I kept that collage hanging in my office for a very long time. Seeing it every day was like a little jolt of energy and confidence. It reminded me of my friends and their kindness, and all the wonderful things I’ve got in my life. Talk about an uplifting gift!

What’s the most uplifting gift you’ve given or received?