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Unique Gifts for Friends

Posted by Jennifer Sacco on

I like gifts of inspiration. I like to be intentional about the gifts I give. Here’s what I mean by “intentional gift giving.” When I’m around my friends, I’m always paying attention to what they say so that I can hunt for the perfect gift – the gift that lets them know I’m listening. I think this way of gifting makes it that much more exciting and deepens the connection I have with my girlfriends.

And I love the fact that people think of me as someone who always finds the best gifts. If you need some inspiration in the gift-giving department, here are some unique gift ideas to get you started.

Make It An Experience. 

I prefer outings as gifts – something that has value in that you walk away from it feeling inspired or enlightened. A “paint night” event is the perfect example. This is something you and a friend can experience together. It’s fresh and fun; seriously, how often do you hang around sipping wine and painting beautiful pictures?

If painting isn’t your friend’s thing, there are plenty of other experiences to try. For example, going to the zoo, wine tasting, museums, galleries, concerts, trivia nights, and escape rooms, just to name a few! Experiences like this are great for building relationships, and they are sure to be unique gifts.

Spend Time Together. 

Just spending time together doing ordinary things can be one of the best gifts. I like to have pajama parties where my friends and I can be comfortable and really take the time to engage and connect (because no one is rushing to get home).

Use this precious time to do all the things she puts on the back burner, like painting her nails or catching up on her favorite TV show. Or do something together that you both love, like cooking a gourmet meal or decorating cookies. It will be even more fun doing these things together!

Deliver the Details. 

This goes back to what I was saying before: Pay attention and listen, and you’ll glean the most amazing gift ideas from the things your friends say. Maybe you’re out shopping with a girlfriend and she sees something she loves, but doesn’t buy it. Go back later and get it for her as a gift! Or maybe she raves about your super soft memory foam kitchen mat. Buy her one of her own!

What are some of the most unique gifts for friends you’ve given or received?