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Remarkable Gifts for Her

Posted by Jennifer Sacco on

What makes a gift remarkable? I think gifts that include a surprise are remarkable, something “worthy of attention” or even “striking.” Experiences are remarkable. Inspiration is remarkable.

I’ve talked before about choosing a gift for a friend and the great deal of thought I put into my gifts. Part of what I do at Remarkable Women is seek out brands and companies that make it easier to find remarkable gifts for her (and by that I mean all the women in your life).

I can always count on my favorite retailers – like PinkOlive.com or even local shops in my hometown – to carry unique gifts of happiness that will delight my friends.

Some would say my pursuit for the perfect gift is relentless, but it’s just something I’m passionate about. I love giving and making people feel good. That’s why I began offering remarkable gifts in my online store, including the Remarkable Women Wall Hangings Collection. I created these ivory signs with gold lettering to inspire you and help you remember what is most important in life.

I just love uplifting gifts. And I know this from experience, because I’ve both given as well as received remarkable gifts.

Recently a friend gave me a totally unexpected yet awesome gift called Crazy Sexy Love Notes. It’s a deck of 52 cards with beautiful illustrations and a “healthy dose of self-love.” Each card contains a powerful reminder of why and how we should all embrace who we are every day.

To me, this is a remarkable gift. For one, it was a surprise. Second, it was striking in its quirkiness and message. And lastly, it’s worthy of attention; it’s something I’ll look at over and over again, probably for many years to come. If that’s not a remarkable gift, I don’t know what is!

What does a “remarkable gift” mean to you? Where do you find remarkable gifts for her?