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Growth Is Good

Posted by Sherrie Bloomfield and Jennifer Sacco on

Growing up is hard! Let's be honest - it's not all it's cracked up to be! One day you're a little kid wishing you were an adult, and the next day you're an adult wishing you were a little kid. 

Sometimes I think back on being a kid, and I wonder why in the world did I worry about things I did back then!! Did it really matter when I didn't have the perfect shade of pink in my crayon box for that dress in my coloring book? But that's a real life worry to an eight year old!

Little did we know as kids what we were going to face in life. Because certainly if we did, we would want to go back to those times when all we had to worry about was a shade of color. But we "live and learn," and we do the best we can.

The important thing is to learn and grow from what we know.

I am sure like most of you, at some point in our younger years, we felt there wasn’t anything in life we couldn’t do! We were invincible! We didn’t have the fear that creeps up on us in our adulthood. 

I can remember when I was younger, life was an adventure everyday. School itself was a huge adventure, and well, let me be honest. The days (not many) that I got off the bus and mysteriously into my girlfriends car to take off and cruise around were amazing! At that time Thelma and Louise was not out yet, but that's exactly how I felt!

We had our whole lives ahead of us, but we were wishing it away everyday with these simple words, “I can’t wait to grow up”. Can you relate? 

So then we do grow up! We face many obstacles - high school, college, THE BREAK UP, the job that you thought was your dream job, etc. And then we realize growing up is hard work. The freedom is not as romantic when it's coupled with the responsibility and the challenges.

Here is my favorite part about real growth, though: There are no limits. Growth is not just about our age; it's about our character and personality. We get to become better versions of ourselves every year, every day even.

The only barrier is you. 

If you let fear of the unknown guide you and stand in your way, then how are you suppose to do something every single day that scares you? That's where good growth happens. When we get to the other side of that fear.

When we get out of our own way, there's no telling where we can soar! Everyday becomes an adventure!