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Choosing a Gift for a Friend

Posted by Jennifer Sacco on


How often are we buying gifts for others?

Between birthdays, holidays, and special occasions like promotions, graduations, weddings, etc. it seems like there are endless opportunities to be thoughtful and surprise someone.

But in this "buy it now" economy, when we can easily make purchases with the click of our thumbs, it is sometimes difficult to have confidence in choosing gifts for someone else. What is the right size? What is the best color? What if they already have it? Can't they just buy it on their own? What if they don't like it?

These are questions that can run through our minds with every occasion for a gift purchase. 

Instead of taking the easy route and just getting a gift card, there are a few tips and tricks to consider first:

  1. Get them something you already know, use, or love. This way you have personal experience and credibility. Share a story as to why you love it and why you thought they would as well. If it's something active like a special water bottle, hammock, or yoga mat, try doing the activity together!
  2. Choose unique. Anyone can go to the brand-name stores at the mall. But instead, find a few unique, custom brands that you love and support those smaller businesses by purchasing your gifts from them. Your recipient feels like they received something custom, unique, and rare. Most people also really enjoy supporting local or smaller businesses. Everyone wins.
  3. Make it easy to return. No one ever wants to feel "stuck" with a gift. Sure, that's what White Elephant parties are for, but best to avoid the situation if possible. Include a gift receipt and let them know they are welcome to exchange it for a different color or size if they'd prefer. The goal is for them to truly enjoy the gift.

Here at Remarkable Women, we look for special brandsand companies that would make it easy for you to treat yourself or give a gift to someone you admire or care about. We work with them to custom create something one-of-a-kind for our customers.